Minimalist instrumental album for piano, voice and synthesizer that narrates the Whitechapel murders (Jack the Ripper). An emotive tribute to the women forgotten by history.Inspirational and reflective, Jon Anton compositions capture the intensity and explicit symbolism of a dark Victorian era.

During my adolescence, I remember that my father had a book called “Autumn of Terror” with a creepy cover; a guy in the shadows, with a top hat and cane, wielding a sharp knife. I can still close my eyes and see that cover. Years later, I came across that book again and began to look through it. It turned out to be a book about Jack the Ripper, and the theories and events that occurred in the fateful fall of 1888 in Whitechapel.Researching networks and other sources, I entered the universe and conspiracy myth that revolves around this vile character. In London, we find tours, which show the places of the events as if they were fairground dolls, and we talk about these deaths as if they were medical trials and practices. I felt that these poor women had become trophies of a murderer and their memory had been erased from existence.I decided to make a programmatic musical work, 5 piano pieces for the 5 women. Always faithful to my minimalist leitmotif, the themes revolve around a melodic motion that begins descending and develops to finish ascending. A nod to the decline and rise of the role of women in history. In the final piece, the five women meet again with the resounding of the 5 chords that represent each woman.